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Visumdienst Breda
Last update:
05-02-2016 17:57u
Alert: Those who do need a visa have to apply PERSONALLY in Amsterdam or Düsseldorf,. See to the right: visa information United Kingdom

Visa order information Great Britain (GB)

Will you soon be traveling to Great Britain? On holiday in Great Britain? Or go for business to Great Britain? You will find all information about applying for your visa for Great Britain. Visumdienst is experienced to arrange visa application, so that your travel documents for Great Britain are in order!

Visa needed
Send application to
if necessary: personal application
or European ID-card, valid till after stay


Lange Voorhout 10
2514 ED 's-Gravenhage


Kingsfordweg 151
1043 GR Amsterdam

Requirements for visa application

or European ID-card, valid till after stay
Number of application forms
Allowed to download the application form?
Application form and task form
Please do fill in both forms
Download application forms
Remark: People in need of a visa msut apply inline abnd the go in person to Düsseldorf (Germany)or Amsterdam (more expensive)
Number of (passport size) photographs
Business trip

Tourist trip

Other requirements


foreign students, needing a visa, on a school trip do not need a visa, just alsit from the school with all personal data
telephonic assistance on T 0900-3335511 (€ 0.80/minute), not in Dutch
Visa charges
€ 242 (€ 110 visumkosten en € 132 service fee)
hier bovenop komen de kosten voor bemiddeling, verzenden en BTW
Delay for application
Use visa before
Validity to stay
Number of entries
Visum requirements according to embassy
Extra information on visa application Show all information

The British consulate also issies visa foor the following Commonwealh countries:

British Antartic Territory
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Pitcairn Islands
Falklands Islands
St Helena Ascension
Tristan da Cunha
Sovereign base in Cyprus
South Georgia and the South Sanwich Islands
Turks & Caicos

Other data Great Britain

Language on Embassy/Consulate

British Tourist Board

Auroragebouw, 5de etage, Stadhouderskade 2
1054 ES Amsterdam
T: 020-689 00 02
F: 020-689 00 03
Url: http://www.visitbritain.com/nl/home2.tm
Email: britinfo.nl@bta.org.uk

Netherlands Embassy in Great Britain

38,Hyde Park Gate
GB-London SW7 5DP

T: 00-44 207 5903200
F: 00-44 207 72250947
Url: http://verenigdkoninkrijk.nlambassade.org/
Email: info@netherlands-embassy.org.uk
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Visumdienst Breda
Postbus 4786
tel 076 - 56 12 139
fax 076 - 56 00 331

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